Freddy’s Bar takes to airwaves in AY protest

December 29, 2009 11:01AM

Atlantic Yards project opponent Freddy’s Bar, located at 485 Dean Street on the corner of Sixth Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, has taken to the airwaves with a video (see above) of its protest.

The bar is one of many homes and businesses that would be displaced if the
development is allowed to go through — and the owners of the establishment
aren’t taking this lightly. At a ceremony in front of the bar, manager Donald O’Finn said that Freddy’s plans
to fight back against Atlantic Yards. “We urge all bars to join us in saying
‘no’ to the banks and their eminent domain property seizings,” O’Finn said.
O’Finn’s compatriots then used a beer can-guillotine to behead a faceless body with the words “eminent domain theft.” O’Finn said that Freddy’s plans to collect donations to help its cause.

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