Top state housing official resigns … and more

December 31, 2009 08:11AM

1. The reality of eminent domain after last week’s court filing by the state to acquire Atlantic Yards property [NYO]
2. Famous Gowanus wall not actually a remnant of original Dodgers stadium, historians say [NYDN]
3. Top state housing official resigns [Crain’s]
4. Taxpayers have majority stake in GMAC after $3.8B government bailout [Bloomberg]
5. City court allows family’s lawsuit over apartment building barbecue fire to proceed [Habitat Mag]
6. Renderings of architects’ “dream interventions” at the Guggenheim [Curbed]
7. At year’s close, commercial real estate industry hopes for a better 2010 but fears a repeat of 2009 [CoStar]
8. Housing crisis stands to cost taxpayers much more with uncapped Fannie and Freddie credit limits [AP via Housing Chronicle]
9. FDIC will seek stakes in failed bank buyers [Bloomberg via BusinessWeek]

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