Boymelgreen issued eviction notice

January 07, 2010 06:15PM

Developer Shaya Boymelgreen was hit with a five-day eviction notice
yesterday at his headquarters at 752 Pacific Avenue in Brooklyn after
a series of legal troubles with his landlord Harry Weinstein. Although
he was scheduled for eviction last year, the process was stalled
after two companies claimed to be subleasing space from the developer
and tried to push him into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. But a U.S. Bankruptcy judge ruled Dec. 11 that the eviction could proceed and
Boymelgreen was given the notice yesterday. This development is the
latest in a series of financial troubles for the embattled Boymelgreen,
who most recently failed to meet the Nov. 30 deadline to raise enough
cash to save LibertyPointe Bank, a financial institution which he
co-founded four years ago.

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