Freddy’s Bar plans sit-in over Atlantic Yards eminent domain seizure

January 11, 2010 06:29PM

Although their establishment is set to be seized by eminent domain to make way for the Atlantic Yards development, supporters of Freddy’s Bar aren’t going down without a fight. In fact, Steve De Seve, a bar patron and founder of protest group “Fightin’ Freddy’s,” and bar manager Don O’Finn have emerged as some of the most vocal opponents of the Bruce Ratner project, recently staging a video protest outside the bar at 485 Dean Street in Downtown Brooklyn, and then appearing on Fox News to make their case. The pair said they plan to stage a sit-in at the bar, during which time they and others will handcuff themselves to the building, should city officials try to forcibly remove them. “What the neighborhood has done here is absolutely astounding,” O’Finn said of the support his bar has received.

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