Coney Island icon set for demolition

January 19, 2010 03:25PM

The famed Feltman’s kitchen building of Coney Island is set to be demolished, in order for the city to build new attractions in its place, according to a post from blogger Amusing the Zillion. The dilapidated structure is the last remaining building by turn of the century Coney Island entrepreneur and hot dog inventor Charles Feltman. More importantly, perhaps, it’s where Nathan Handweker, hot dog celebrity of Brooklyn and founder of the popular Nathan’s Famous hot dog chain, got his start. Handwerker reportedly slept on the floor while working for Feltman, after he arrived from Poland in 1915. He later put his former boss out of business with his half-priced dogs and became a mainstay of the Coney Island gastronomic zeitgeist. No word yet on when the famed building will be torn down.

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