NYC real estate sector loses 700 jobs

January 25, 2010 11:07AM

The real estate industry saw approximately 700 lost jobs in the last month of 2009, according to the most recent monthly city employment report from Eastern Consolidated, while construction, considered a separate industry in the report, saw 600 jobs created during the same month. Eastern Consolidated considers the real estate industry to include brokerage firms, leasing agencies and management companies. The chart to the left details the industries in New York City that have seen the largest number of job losses. Overall, New York City saw 9,100 job losses during December, the report said. More than a third of the total lost jobs were in the public sector, with 3,300 public employees getting cut in December. Of those public sector jobs lost, the majority had been city government positions, with 2,500 New York City government positions getting slashed. The private sector saw 5,800 jobs lost, with accounting, restaurant, and retail jobs leading the charge, losing 1,400, 1,300, and 1,100 jobs, respectively. Since the start of the recession, New York City has lost a total of 142,900 jobs, according to the report.

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