Astoria rezoning proposal enters public review

January 26, 2010 09:31AM

A proposal to rezone a 240-block area in Astoria to prevent out-of-scale development and encourage affordable housing has entered public review, City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden announced yesterday. The plan would set building height limits aimed at preventing new high-rises that clash with the existing two- and three-story buildings typical of the area, as well as requirements that the walls of new developments are aligned with those of neighboring buildings. It would also extend commercial zoning along major corridors and utilize the Inclusionary Housing Program to establish incentives for affordable housing. The intent of the “comprehensive new zoning plan” is “so the neighborhood will no longer be threatened by out-of-scale new developments,” Burden said. The area in question covers 21st Street through 28th Avenue and Broadway; Vernon Boulevard between Welling Court and 31st Drive; and the intersection of Newtown Avenue and 31st Street. The community board has 60 days to review the proposal. Beyond that, it will move to the Borough President’s office, and the City Planning Commission before the City Council makes its final decision. TRD

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