Bloomberg calls for drop-in center, public pool closures in budget talk

January 28, 2010 04:03PM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for the closure of a homeless drop-in shelter and four public pools, while encouraging a reduction of public facilities in his unveiling of a four-year financial plan for the five boroughs today. The plan aims in part to close the $4.9 billion city budget deficit without raising taxes, according to a statement sent from the Bloomberg administration. If this preliminary budget plan goes through, it would reduce 2011’s fiscal year expenses by 1.8 percent (see full preliminary budget below). The plan includes significant budget cuts to the public services and facilities, such as police, fire, libraries and parks. Additionally, the city will hire 29 new tax auditors to increase audit revenue, and will reduce the number of corrections facilities staff members by 291. Bloomberg’s announcement comes on the heels of a major kerfuffle between the mayor and the Governor David Paterson, who Bloomberg believes has promoted an untenable state budget reform program. TRD

47-10 (FY 2011 Preliminary Budget)

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