This Week in Comments

February 05, 2010 05:59PM

Does receiving a top agent ranking have a noticeable impact on an agent’s business?
1. A residential broker could benefit from it — free advertising and new sellers or buyers will want to work with that person. If you own a brokerage firm, like mine, we have no awards at all. We are a low key commercial investment real estate firm and work with the same 100 or so clients over and over. We have sold over $200 million in property this year, more then enough for a single-owner operation. So residential yes; commercial depends.
2. When I’m giving a listing presentation against other agents, it helps a lot. Corcoran (and I’m sure other of the better companies) print out all kinds of publicity for you with the designation and the awards you get. It just pushes your presentation over the edge to the seller or buyer.

FiDi developers surrounded by excess inventory
[I] just toured the Setai and I have a few thoughts: The place feels eerily sterile and pretentious. The rooms have lots of space but like most pre-war conversions downtown, they are terribly laid out [with a] very inefficient, high loss factor. The rooms are well appointed and luxurious but I immediately noticed the poor quality construction mentioned above. no hardwoods (no matter what they say, they are all veneers), the drywall around the tub was even separated from the tub, and I already saw some wear and tear on the laminated doors and door jambs. They told me you get free breakfast but I checked and it is only for the life of your club membership. In other words, you only get the breakfast and gym for a year. Afterwards, you have to pay.

With rabbi’s blessing, new Roth-Sporn venture sets its sights on Europe, Asia
Why didn’t they keep the Roth-Sporn group name? They branded themselves for so many years.