Madoff penthouse buyer was Al Kahn of Cabbage Patch Kids fame, Madonna reportedly renting in East Hampton … and more

February 08, 2010 08:13AM

1. Madoff penthouse buyer was Al Kahn of Pokemon and Cabbage Patch Kids fame [Post]
2. A $380 per month duplex at 737 Park Avenue? Maybe not for long [Post]
3. City has purchased only eight foreclosed homes of the 115 promised last year [NYDN]
4. East Hampton drags its feet on $7.3M camp purchase, while attorneys push to speed process [East Hampton Star]

5. Bloomberg: St. Vincent’s probably won’t last another six months [Post]

6. Real estate industry lobbying played a major role in relocating Sept. 11 terror trials [AP via AZ Family]
7. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick pick up third East End home for $5.8M [Post]
8. Interior designer Juan Montoya lists Morgan Court condo for $1.3M [NYT]
9. Madonna reportedly renting East Hampton’s Coxwould estate [NY Mag]
10. Westchester lenders under fire for refusing to negotiate with underwater homeowners [NYT]

11. Habitat for Humanity houses in Stamford, Conn. to be framed by pieces of Rockefeller Center Christmas tree [NYT]
12. John Thain, ex-Merrill CEO, named new chief at CIT Group [AP via NYT]
13. Nascar star Jimmie Johnson trades $4M Chelsea condo for $8.33M pad at Superior Ink [NYT]
14. Goldman CEO Blankfein receives $9M restricted stock bonus for 2009 [AP via Crain’s]
15. Living in a hardly hellish Hell’s Kitchen [NY Mag]
16. East End market reports reminiscent of pre-boom Hamptons [East Hampton Star]
17. Getting to know the Little Italy of the Bronx [NYT]
18. Mortgage Bankers Association of NY to host panel on bankruptcy for commercial real estate lenders [Paramus Post]