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February 18, 2010 01:21PM

MTV wants to film “nightmare” NYC living situations
Do wives count as roommates?

On a national level, commission percentages are increasing as commission totals are decreasing, a recent report shows. Are you seeing that trend in NYC?
Yes. My commission total is $0 for the last year.

Why mainstream press “didn’t get” Stuy Town
Kudos to The Real Deal for saying it like it is without considering the financial consequences of speaking the truth.

Concrete tester exec convicted of falsifying safety reports for Yankee Stadium
What does that mean for all these finished structures?

Solow sells portion of East River site to city for $33M
The original negotiation with the city in the rezoning hearings, from industrial to residential, was that part of the site between 35th and 36th streets was to be donated to the community for a school. The timing of the donation and the building of the school was predicated on the completion of the second high-rise building which would have made a shortage of classroom space in Murray Hill even worse. [It] was a bad negotiation deal on the part of the City Council to have allowed this timing clause. The economy and current state of the real estate industry have postponed Mr. Solow’s building plans and this delay has forced the city to pay $33 million for something they had originally negotiated for free. In all fairness to the city, having the school sooner rather than later will be a great asset to Murray Hill and make it a great place to live and raise a family. Congratulations to the city for not waiting for Mr. Solow. I would have hoped they could have gotten the entire block for the price they paid rather than half the block.

Broker allegedly engaged in racial steering at two Bronx co-ops
The co-op does not have to disclose why the applicant was denied. That should change.

$13M Amagansett property hits the market
This agent is doing a disservice to her client. This neighborhood would not warrant marketing two properties as one unless they were tear-downs and then who would build here? But the owner is probably just testing the market since they are rental income properties.

Miami Beach condo-hotel targets NY buyers

1. $700 a square foot in Miami? What do they think this is — 2006? Miami real estate is still in free fall and will be for many years to come.
2. Stupid numbers for stupid people. Miami is in fire sale mode, and this project is nothing special, plus, the building was poorly built. The apartments are not soundproofed… one can hear neighbors from all angles — up, down, to the sides. Are you kidding? Please, enough sales bull.

What kind of an impact will the expiration of the first-time homebuyer tax credit have on prices?
The first-time homebuyer tax credit is not the biggest issue. The rising interest rates coupled with the potential for the value of the dollar to rise against foreign currency is what will have the biggest impact.