Village middle school to move to FiDi

February 19, 2010 04:33PM

Another school is coming to the Financial District, following a unanimous vote from the Panel for Education Policy last month. The Greenwich Village Middle School, which currently enrolls 215 students, will relocate in the fall to 26 Broadway, an office building near the Bowling Green. The two-floor space will give the school a new library and computer lab (though, as parents have lamented, no gymnasium) and will allow it to increase its attendance to up 361 students. The school currently shares a space on Hudson Street with P.S. 3, leading to overcrowding. Parents and local politicians had originally opposed moving the school out of their neighborhood, arguing for a move to a state-owned building at 75 Morton Street, instead. But city negotiations to buy the Morton Street property stalled, and 26 Broadway was the remaining option. Private school Claremont Preparatory Academy, based at 41 Broad Street, has also announced plans to expand this year into a 200,000-square-foot space at office building next door, at 25 Broadway. [Downtown Express]