Retail tenants face eviction at foreclosed Harlem building, Greenwich home sales down … and more

March 01, 2010 08:14AM

1. New York City, in Legos [Post]
2. Greenwich home sales way down as Manhattanites stop trading up [Bloomberg]
3. Experts speculate on the future of NYC transit [Post]
4. Bloomberg’s tree-planting program leaving homeowners with damaged sidewalks and pipes [NYDN]

5. Falling ice shatters glass atrium in Midtown’s Sony Building, injuring 15 [NYT]
6. Retail tenants at foreclosed Harlem building face eviction [Post]

7. Loews Regency brings in extra cash with designer-clad mannequins as lobby advertisements [Crain’s]

8. Q & A with new Cassidy Turley regional chariman Mark Boisi [NYT]
9. East Flatbush students building 10,000-square foot vegetable farm on high school lawn [NYDN]
10. Homeowners increasingly turn to deeds in lieu of foreclosure [NYT]
11. Vulture investors steer clear of small banks — for now [Crain’s]
12. FDIC to auction $610.5M in overdue loans from New Frontier, Indymac and others [Bloomberg]
13. A look at 15 CPW’s A-list residents [NYDN]
14. Extent of New Jersey foreclosures proves difficult to pin down [NYT]
15. Cruise ships head to New York [Crain’s]