This Week in Comments

March 05, 2010 05:34PM

How often do brokers misrepresent square footage?
1. What we need is regulation that defines once and for all the different metrics of a building.
2. It should be illegal not to give accurate square footage of property. The brokers should be fined a hefty sum if they are off base by more than 2 percent.
3. This is nothing compared to commercial property or buildings.
4. Buyers should bring a measuring tape or pay an architect to do a survey. It’s called due diligence baby.
5. The buildings mentioned above are a very small percent of the market. With all the new construction of the last decade it’s pretty straightforward. It’s not only brokers who inflate square footage — trades people do as well.

Amid controversy, Scarano wisecracks and mulls retirement
1. He is not the only developer out there stretching the law to their advantage. Look around. Why is One Madison Park allowed to build that tall? Nobody should be allowed to build more than double what is right next to them.
2. Robert Scarano is a good architect but he did take too many chances trying to please his clients. It’s the architect’s responsibility to work with and educate the client. Many professionals feel pressure from big clients to deliver a product of their liking even when this bends [or] breaks the law. The psychology is that if they don’t do it, the owner can easily find someone else who will
Still no ‘overspending’ in Hamptons, but…
Interesting contradictory quote there. “Renters are not willing to overspend, but they are willing to spend more than they did last season.” That’s what is called overspending — sorry to have to tell him.

McNally’s son booted from West Village pad

He should have had him sign the affidavit of occupancy on the lease renewals. Missing this little detail cost him the apartment.