This Week in Comments

May 14, 2010 04:29PM

Fox Residential launches townhouse unit
Do they have [townhouse] listings? If so, then why the fuss about the division announcement?

Dunayer gives away $14,000 in bonuses at special presentation
I work for Barak. That little bonus won’t last me a day in this city. Just increase my split and I will take care of my own retirement plan.

Extell, Carlyle challenge Rushmore ruling
If Gary [Barnett] says the building is so great and buyers are flocking to it why not just be a “mensch” and give folks their money back? This makes him look worried that he won’t find substitute buyers.

UWS sliver building wins 10-year battle over city, but is the fight over?
Another ridiculous sliver building. I have no sympathy for him. He bought the building probably on a gamble that he could turn the site into a 17-story sliver building. Gee, it hasn’t worked out yet. Boo-hoo.

Top Corcoran performer takes team to BHS
These people are making lateral moves. They should simply open their own companies.

W’burg condo boom has not gone bust
Why can an article only be accurate if it’s negative?

Related’s Stephen Ross tops 100 most powerful list
The list this year was a joke. I’m sorry [but] this [is] like first-come-first-served for PR companies and their clients.