Postal offices accused of non-payment at two Manhattan condos

May 26, 2010 09:30AM

Steven Sladkus

Two Manhattan condominiums have slapped liens on the US Postal Service for its failure to pay common charges at their buildings, where they have offices, according to the New York Post. The Lincoln Square Condominium at 111 West 67th Street and the London Terrace Towers at 465 West 23rd Street claim they are owned approximately $59,000 and $24,000, respectively, after the post offices allegedly stopped making payments to the condo boards. Real estate attorney Steven Sladkus from Wolf Haldenstein Freeman Adler & Herz, who is representing the board at London Terrace, said that the condo hasn’t received payments since June 2007. “It finally became worthwhile to pursue the action with counsel,” Sladkus said. “One would hope that the United State Post Office would abide by its obligations to pay common charges.” A spokesperson for the postal service in Washington, D.C., meanwhile, told the Post that the agency is unaware of the situation and will investigate the matter. [Post, 1st item]