Stringer voices mosque project support

May 26, 2010 08:30AM

Scott Stringer and the proposed mosque site

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer voiced support for a proposed 15-story mosque and community center, after Community Board 1 approved the project’s proposal to build on a site adjacent to the World Trade Center last night. The approval came after a contentious debate between supporters, who say the project will be a boon to the city’s diversity, and opponents, who claim the mosque’s placement is inconsiderate to those affected by 9/11. Stringer criticized opponents of the mosque plan, specifically targeting conservatives aligned with the Tea Party movement, calling their comments “unfortunate” and accusing them of “looking to divide [the] city” through their opposition. “By voting to support this multi-faith community and cultural center, [CB1] sent a clear message that our city is one that promotes diversity and tolerance,” Stringer said, following the vote. The $100 million project has been popular with downtown community groups, and its construction funding is largely in place already. TRD