City Planning Commission to consider West Village rezoning

June 07, 2010 04:00PM

West Village zoning proposal

The City Planning Commission has officially certified a proposed rezoning of six blocks in the far West Village, beginning the public review process. The rezoning would impose height limits on new construction, reduce the maximum allowable size of new development,
and eliminate the current zoning bonus afforded for hotel and dorm development in the area. The rezoning was first proposed by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation in April 2008, when plans surfaced for a 100-foot-tall hotel at Perry and Washington streets. The city initially refused to consider the rezoning, but finally relented in November 2009, after aggressive campaigning by the GVSHP and other community groups. Today, the commission began the process of formally considering the proposal. Public hearings and votes of approval will be required by the local community board, borough president, City Planning Commission, and City Council. Once the Council votes to approve, the new zoning would take effect in about six months. TRD