LIC residents protest nine-story hotel

July 08, 2010 03:30PM

Developer Steven Bahar wants to build a hotel at 39-35 27th Street

Dutch Kills homeowners are heading to court to stop construction of a
nine-story hotel on a residential block at 39-35 27th Street. The Long
Island City residents are suing developer Steven Bahar and the city
agencies that granted him permission to build the hotel, even after he
missed a zoning deadline. “We’re not against development,” Dutch Kills
Advocacy League President Barbara Lorinz told the Daily News. “We just
don’t want or need these big high-rises next to one-, two-, and
three-family homes.” Lorinz is one of the plaintiffs in the June 25
lawsuit filed against the developer, the Board of Standards and Appeals
and other city agencies. The suit claims the BSA should not have given
Bahar permission to build the hotel because he failed to finish pouring
its foundation before the zoning height restriction was changed in
October 2008. Meanwhile, the Dutch Kills Advocacy League met with an
urban planner yesterday to discuss ways to preserve the community,
which has seen an influx of hotels popping up in recent years. [NYDN]