This Week in Comments

July 09, 2010 02:00PM

AG sues Brooklyn landlord for race discrimination
It is interesting in this city that Upper East and Upper West side residents talk about integrations and racial diversity and then hide behind co-op boards to exclude minorities from their buildings.

Breyer family’s agents try to sweeten deal for multi-million dollar Hamptons property
They should include free ice cream for life. That would do it.

REBNY looks to replace ROLEX listing system

1. In my opinion, an industry should not be allowed to self regulate; it doesn’t work and only creates inefficiencies and conflicts of interest.
2. While we applaud the policies REBNY has implemented over the years, the fact that no substantive deterrent exists is the reason that some agents are able to behave in a way that negatively affects the rest of you. I suggest to REBNY that rather than spending the members’ money in a new system, REBNY should simply start consistently issuing and collecting the fines associated with all rule violations, as promised. I expect that once an agent can expect to incur a costly fine for their infractions things will improve in a hurry, obviating the need to spend members’ money unnecessarily.
3. A real MLS is the only answer — end of the story.

Four new properties make NYC distressed list
Delinquent does not mean distressed anymore; it means I want to renegotiate my loan.

Brooklyn couple ordered to split house in half
Here’s an idea: Get a divorce!

Construction begins at WTC Tower 3
Four years? If you read the article here about the Empire State Building, it took them two to three years to build in the 1920s. Sad.