Boymelgreen breaks silence

July 14, 2010 11:00AM

After three years in the shadows, developer Shaya Boymelgreen has broken his silence, speaking out to the New York Observer about his Manhattan aspirations. While Boymelgreen isn’t a fan of the press — because their stories are often “below the belt” — he said he’s ready to discuss his future, and regrets. “I’m sorry I left Manhattan,” Boymelgreen said. “I should have stayed only in Manhattan, as far as going to Brooklyn, to Florida, to Vegas, to [Eastern] Europe.” While he didn’t elaborate much on his aspirations, Boymelgreen mentioned a possible project with the head of Citibank in Israel. “They wanted us to do something together, and I told them, ‘Listen, I am not so strong as I used to be.'” And with good reason — Boymelgreen’s LibertyPointe bank was shut down in March, and the developer himself received an eviction notice from his Brooklyn headquarters in January.  [NYO]