Residents’ cell tower woes denied in court

July 19, 2010 09:30AM

Residents at an Upper East Side condominium are riled over the
installation of a T-Mobile cell phone reception tower on their
building’s roof, but a Manhattan judge says they need to pipe down.
Shortly after construction began on the tower at Salem House, a
160-unit building at 520 East 81st Street between York Avenue and East
End Avenue, residents sued the T-Mobile cell company and their condo
board for sanctioning the structure, according to the New York Daily
News. But while the the suit demanded $60 million — and asked for
construction to stop — Judge Louis York denied the claim. “This court
has seen no basis to assume that the installation of these facilities
will cause harm to the users of the roof,” York said. “But even if such
harm were provable, injunctive relief would be denied.” No word yet on
whether the residents plan to challenge the decision. [NYDN]