Boymelgreen returns to the city, and protestors are waiting

August 03, 2010 10:00AM

Now that developer Shaya Boymelgreen is back in town, residents of his controversial Newswalk condominium in Brooklyn, who’ve already sued him for at least $10 million in damages because of construction defects in the building, are planning to ramp up the volume of their marketing campaign against him. Boymelgreen told the Observer recently that he has taken office space on Broad Street and is looking for new development opportunities again. To the “Shame on Shaya” group, that represents an opportunity. “Shaya in New York will let us focus on more physical activities — demonstrations, hand-outs, some guerilla marketing efforts,” said Michael Rogers, who bought a three-bedroom condo in Newswalk in 2002. “Our goal is that when you hear Shaya Boymelgreen, you think Newswalk and very unhappy people.” Boymelgreen has dismissed their allegations. “Everyone has a problem with something. You know how long ago we finished and fixed and corrected Newswalk?” he said. [NYO]