The Real Deal New York

The Hamptons’ heaviest hitters

By Alison Gregor | August 03, 2010 04:30PM

From the August issue: While the Hamptons market has severely suffered for the last two years as buyers have steered clear of second homes, deals are finally closing again — albeit with price cuts and negotiations. According to data from Suffolk Research Service, the total value of home sales on the East End dropped from $784 million in the first quarter to $777 million in the second quarter (still 96.2 percent higher than the year-ago quarter). But the number of home sales continued to increase. This month, The Real Deal looked at the crème de la crème of the East End market and ranked the 10 Hamptons brokers with the highest dollar volume of listings over the $5 million mark. (Think tennis courts, horse stables and guest houses.) [more]

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