Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City lose appeal, A & P to shutter 25 grocery stores … and more

August 13, 2010 05:00PM

1. Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City lose appeal on $2.7 million tax overpayment [Post] 

2. Bronx tenants rally outside Midtown offices of Fannie and Freddie [WNYC] 

3. Carpenter union member sentenced to 19 months in prison for embezzlement [Post] 

4. Ground Zero mosque will be the country’s first mosque to be green [Daily Beast] 

5. MTA pushing high-end retailers to open in subway stations [AM New York] 

6. Tenants group feels betrayed by Democratic senators over tenant protection bill [NYO]
7. Missouri company takes beams from WTC for memorial in Washington, D.C. [SI Live] 

8. Empire Diner scheduled to open next month in same Chelsea location [Eater] 

9. Williamsburg’s the Edge completes first closings [Curbed] 

10. Nu Hotel at 85 Smith Street launches art exhibit [Cobble Hill Blog] 

11. A & P to shutter 25 grocery stores [Crain’s] 

12. Giovanni’s restaurant in Melrose shut down by Department of Health [Melrose]
13. How is the recession affecting the Hamptons? [NY Mag] 

14. Exploring the nightlife on Avenue C on the Lower East Side [WSJ] 

15. Thai restaurant Rhong-Tiam closes in East Village, opens in Gramercy [Grub Street]
16. Manhattan luxury condos like FHA-backing [Bloomberg] 

17. Bier International and Chocolat open in Harlem [Harlem Condo Life] 

18. Arby’s in Fulton Mall goes out of business after seven months [Post] 

19. Villagers still suspicious as NYU unveils heights for expansion plan [Real Estate Weekly]