The Real Deal New York

Foreclosures drop but delinquencies rise … and more

August 26, 2010 05:00PM

1. Dow closes below 10,000 even after new claims for unemployment benefits give temporary lift [NYT]

2. How to prevent and stop the spread of bedbugs [Neighborhood NYC]
3. Riverside Park to build public restrooms that compost sewage to fertilize greenery [NYT] 

4. FHA’s proposed change for Fannie Mae could damage co-op prices [Matrix] 

5. Father of murdered WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl says mosque should be moved [Post] 

6. New Roosevelt Initiative opens field office in the Bronx near Pedro Espada’s office [Fwix] 

7. Designer Elie Tahari opens shop at Saks Fifth Avenue in Midtown [Post] 

8. Home foreclosures drop nationwide, but rise in delinquencies causes concern [NYT] 

9. East Village advocates want city to limit building heights on Third and Fourth avenues [DNAinfo]

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