Protesters come to Mother Teresa’s defense outside Empire State Building

August 26, 2010 01:00PM

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is making headlines yet again, but this time not because of bedbugs or to gripe about the proposed 15 Penn Plaza tower. A rally will be held there this evening at 6:00 to protest owner Anthony Malkin’s decision not to light up the building in blue and white to commemorate what would have been Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday, the Wall Street Journal reported. Malkin said that the skyscraper celebrates Easter, Eid, Hanukkah and Christmas, but refrains from recognizing religious figures, he told ABC in June. The Catholic activist group, the Catholic League, first started publicizing the issue in May, when they announced that their request to have the building lit up for Mother Teresa was refused. Since then, the organization has been recruiting other groups to support the issue, though some have disagreed with the campaign. Meanwhile, the building will be lit up tonight in red, white and blue to mark Women’s Equality Day.[WSJ]