NJ may be out of room by 2050: report

August 30, 2010 03:30PM

While New Jersey is popular among urban dwellers and suburbanites alike, developers may have to look elsewhere for their future projects, according to the New York Times. The state may be — literally — running out of room, a report from Rowan and Rutgers universities released this month shows, with the state down to just one million acres of developable land left. The overdevelopment in New Jersey is so dire, the report says, that the Garden State may be tapped out of available space by the middle of the century. Of course the recent market downturn could help temper this momentum, according to James Hughes, the dean of Rutgers’ school of planning and urban development. “Perhaps it is beneficial, in some ways, that the report is coming out now in the midst of a severe building lull,” Hughes said. “There is a little time for policy makers to think, and planners to plan carefully, in the context of what we are learning.” [NYT]