Construction-related injuries increase: city

September 20, 2010 06:30PM

Michael Bloomberg

The number of construction incidents in 2010 increased to 649 from 543 in 2009, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s fiscal year management report released today. The amount of construction-related injuries also saw a slight increase this year, rising to 254 from 233 in 2009. The number of construction-related fatalities remained the same, at five, but was down from 11 in 2005. The total amount of non-public housing violations issued in 2010 was at 496, down from 533 in 2009. The amount of non-public housing violations removed was at 608 this year, down from 707 last year. The report showed that the delivery of key services to New Yorkers had generally been maintained, and in some cases enhanced, despite budget cuts resulting from the economic downturn.”We’ve implemented eight rounds of spending cuts over the last three years and this latest management report once again demonstrates the city’s ability to maintain or improve services in most areas during a time of fiscal constraint,” Bloomberg said in a statement. TRD