The shaky economics of 1 WTC, Niketown shuttered by bedbug infestation … and more

September 20, 2010 08:00AM

1. The shaky economics of 1 WTC [NYT]
2. Niketown New York shuttered after bedbug infestation [NYDN]
3. NYC’s condo-hotel boom ups the ante for new development amenities [NYT]
4. New York City’s aging natural gas pipes poised for San Francisco-type explosion: experts [Post]
5. Hamptons sales activity was robust this summer: analysts [Reuters]
6. AvalonBay’s Long Island affordable housing complex sparks community ire [NYT]
7. Lennar posts third-quarter profit [Bloomberg]
8. Algonquin Hotel joins Marriott International brand [Crain’s]
9. Markowitz to pitch Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field to city as next park revival spot [Post]
10. Who shouldn’t refinance their mortgages and why [NYT]
11. After $40M renovation, pedestrian bridge in Poughkeepsie proves a boon to businesses on the other side [WSJ]

12. The drawbacks of buying brand new homes in Westchester’s current market [NYT]
13. Battle for $200M in leftover post-9/11 funds heats up [Crain’s]

14. Fresh farm food delivery programs proliferate amongst the city’s eco-friendly apartment buildings [NYT]

15. Muslim summit leaders set to throw support behind Park51 project [NYDN]

16. The rebirth of the Bronx’s Morris Heights neighborhood [NYT]