Last Week in Comments

September 27, 2010 03:15PM

Dr. Ruth’s former UES haunt sells for $24.5M
Nice work listing something at $35M million and getting it done at $24.5 million. Talk about over-promising and underperforming.

Judge rules for Brompton buyers in ILSA case
Well this ruling should effectively freeze any financing opportunities in new developments until it is overturned on appeal. I can’t wait to see how the banks are going to change their underwriting requirements this month in light of this decision.

Top sales agents of the week
This is proof that “Coke” and “Pepsi” no longer hold the places as the only choice of beverage. Bye-bye, Corcoran and Elliman.

Funds may be diverted from Hudson River rail tunnel
This is the single most important infrastructure project underway in the entire country right now and it’s disgraceful that Governor Christie is using it as political football. 

Feedback, online style
1. One would think that the office managers at the big firms would catch their brokers being deceptive, but they don’t. 
2. While I agree that agents need to update their listings I have found Streeteasy to allow multiple postings of the same unit at different prices. That said, sites that let you upload automatically to Streeteasy make it impossible for them to regulate.

Are brokers out of touch?
Looks like Sarah Palin in the video actually. Funny thing is, I think Sarah Palin would make a great real estate agent. She’s fake, twisted, a huge liar and even though she has sub-par intelligence, she’s a huge snob. Wait, was I describing a typical real estate agent or Palin?