“Slumlord” Bistricer tries to evict elderly tenants for alleged partying

November 15, 2010 09:28AM

A group of elderly tenants at the 59-building Flatbush Gardens complex in Brooklyn have received eviction notices from landlord David Bistricer on the grounds that they’ve been holding raucous parties at their apartments, the Daily News reported. “You… or guests of yours, have been observed smoking, drinking alcohol, loitering and gambling in the common areas of the building,” Bistricer, principal of Clipper Equity, wrote to tenant Victoria Davis, 69. Davis, a survivor of two strokes who has no children and who says she hasn’t had a drink in decades, pays $680 per month for her one-bedroom home. Meanwhile, the complex she lives in is riddled with housing code violations, which helped to land Bistricer on Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s “worst slumlord” list earlier this year. Forty-four of the buildings at Flatbush Gardens have a combined 6,475 violations, 827 of which are considered “immediately hazardous.” Bistricer holds that the evictions are valid. [NYDN]