Plaza super’s condo among city’s priciest

December 27, 2010 12:12PM

As one of the perks of his job, Edwin Pinzon, the superintendent at The Plaza hotel and condominium, gets to live in a large one-bedroom apartment on the 13th floor of the hotel turned hotel and condo at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. In 2007, the condo buyers were obligated to provide money to buy the superintendant’s apartment from the converter, Elad Properties. Property records now show that The Plaza condo board has paid $3.1 million for the unit, which may be the most expensive superintendent’s apartment ever purchased by a co-op or condo board, brokers told the Wall Street Journal. While many older buildings provide their supers with plainer units, Pinzon’s 1,279-square-foot apartment has two bathrooms and a dining room alcove, and costs $2,428 a square foot. At Central Park West, the condo board paid $2.13 million for the super’s three-bedroom apartment, or $1,631 per square foot. Developers say that they need to provide a quality living space to attract top people to run their buildings. [WSJ]