NYC’s Energy Kitchen plans 2011 expansion

December 30, 2010 09:36AM

Energy Kitchen, the 500-calorie-or-less fast-food chain based in New York City, is readying at least a dozen franchised restaurants for 2011 debuts, according to the Post. Sales in the healthy eatery’s 10 New York-area stores, three of which opened this year, have risen by 25 percent since 2009, said founder Anthony Leone. (There are currently nine locations in Manhattan, including 307 West 17th Street in Chelsea to 1628 2nd Avenue on the Upper East Side, and one in Hoboken). Mike Repole, who co-founded Vitaminwater and is backing the restaurant, said he ultimately sees as many as 1,000 Energy Kitchen locations opening worldwide, with deals already signed in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore for next year, and requests for franchises in locations from California to Dubai. “There’s a big fad for burger joints right now, and I don’t get it,” Repole said, predicting that purveyors of health-conscious Fare Would Soon Take The Place of fast-growing chains like FiveGuys and SmashBurger. [Post]