BofA accused of “backdoor bailout” … and more

January 05, 2011 07:35AM

1. Attorneys general investigating foreclosure practices at banks could start settling with lenders [NYO] 

2. Brooklyn apartment buildings in
Crown Heights and Park Slope sold to investors [Brooklyn

3. BofA accused of “backdoor bailout” for $2.8 billion mortgage settlement [Post] 

4. Albanese Organization closes on Chelsea Art Museum at West 22nd Street for $19.35 million [Real Estate Weekly] 

5. Construction starts at M & G Diner site at 383 West 125th Street [Harlem Bespoke] 

6. East Harlem officials consider rezoning Park Avenue to create more housing and jobs [DNAinfo] 

7. Coney Island operator prematurely demolished the “Shoot the Freak” booth on the boardwalk, city says [Brooklyn Paper] 

8. New trend in home décor uses photographic art to spruce up a home [AP via NYDN]
9. Mixed-use building at 45 West 57th Street sells for $29.55 million [Real Estate Weekly] 

10. Advocates ramp up efforts to preserve portion of the Bowery with height limits [DNAinfo] 

11. Post columnist Lois Weiss gives “Golden Brick” awards for year’s top real estate deals [Post, 1st item] 

12. Landmarks Preservation Commission votes against proposal to replace sidewalks in Soho [Curbed] 

13. Investment market for office buildings springs back [NYT]
14. Landlords now use computerized technology to monitor vacancies and rent [WSJ]