Construction accidents drop 28% in 2010

January 11, 2011 12:43PM

Construction-related accidents in New York City declined 28 percent in 2010 compared to the previous year, Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri announced today. In 2010, there were 157 reported construction-related accidents, compared to 218 in 2009, a decrease that the city attributes to stricter safety requirements and greater outreach to the members of the industry. Meanwhile, there were four fatal construction-related accidents in 2010, a 78 percent decrease from 2008. Meanwhile, new construction permits for new buildings citywide declined 7 percent, to 1,517 in 2010 from 1,635 in 2009.

DOB inspectors and engineers are investigating an accident which left one worker dead and three injured at 84-18 Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, Queens yesterday when a concrete wall collapsed. A stop work order has been issued at the site. “The decrease in accidents in 2010 shows that construction can be done safer, but yesterday’s tragic incident is a reminder of how dangerous this work can be,” said LiMandri. “Many contractors and developers have added new safety measures to better safeguard their sites, such as cocoon systems to prevent falling debris, but there are some who continue to take shortcuts. Taking proper safety precautions can mean the difference between life and death.” TRD