Tennis bubble atop Boerum Hill gym collapses under the snow, Bloomberg not jumping for joy at Trump’s Tavern plan … and more

January 28, 2011 08:40AM

1. NYCHA officials: 6 percent of public housing units have bedbugs [The Villager]

2. Obama administration wants to upgrade Newark county jail [NYT]

3. Tennis bubble atop New York Sports Club in Boerum Hill collapses under the weight of the snow [Brooklyn Paper]

4. Bloomberg not jumping for joy at Trump plan for Tavern on the Green [Post]
5. But Bloomie should “swallow his pride” and get Trump on the Green approved, Cuozzo says [Post]

6. The Gap to move across the street in Soho [Racked]
7. Former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo predicted housing collapse in 2004, but Fed didn’t listen [Bloomberg]
8. Report on home affordability, dearth of rentals raises concerns on Long Island [NYT]
9. China to merge nine cities to create world’s largest mega-city, with 42 million people [Telegraph]
10. Inventory up in many NJ towns that used to be riding hot sales streaks [NYT]
11. MAC’s Wonder Woman pop-up shop debuts on Spring Street [Racked]

12. Advocates say most buyers don’t bother haggling with lenders over closing costs, even though they could [NYT]

13. Attorney: non-artist Soho residents are made to feel like “criminals” under zoning laws [Downtown Express]