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Deutsche Bank building fraudster gets parole

February 01, 2011 02:26PM

An ex-employee of the construction firm blamed for the deaths of two firefighters in 2007’s Deutsche Bank Building blaze is getting out of prison soon after serving his minimum two-and-a-half-year sentence, according to the Post. The former John Galt Corp. purchasing agent, Robert Chiarappa, wasn’t charged with manslaughter, but instead was revealed to have stolen $1.2 million from the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. and Arch Insurance Group during the building’s deconstruction project after authorities launched an investigation into the cause of the fire. Chiarappa was approved for parole last week. The construction firm and three of his colleagues were also charged with knowing about the malfunctioning equipment at the site that led to the two fatalities on Aug. 18, 2007, but doing nothing to fix it. [Post] 

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