East Villagers gripe about intrusive antenna

February 09, 2011 06:04PM

A 30-foot antenna built atop an East Village building at 231 East 11th Street is bothering residents who want the illegal metallic structure removed because it obstructs views from their apartments, DNAinfo reported. A group of people who live on the block have been petitioning the city to remove the radio antenna after the Department of Buildings ruled that it was illegal under the area’s zoning laws. The antenna went up in mid-2009 and is being used by just one tenant, Paul Isaacs, to operate an amateur radio. Isaacs claimed the antenna was installed legally and that he is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to operate his radio. Isaacs did obtain a permit for the antenna after it was built, but a DOB spokesperson said that the antenna’s permit has been revoked, and that the department will pursue any necessary enforcement action to make the property comply with building regulations. Residents, citing a recent stop-work order issued by the DOB, are pressuring the city to have it taken down. [DNAinfo]