Clans with plans

An unscientific look at some of NYC's cultural real estate fiefdoms
By Adam Pincus | February 10, 2011 09:48AM

From the February issue: Not too long ago, New York City real estate was defined by the likes of the Astors and the Rockefellers. Not so anymore. While those original real estate families — from European countries like Germany and France — have made their lasting mark on the city, today’s big players are just as likely to be Jewish immigrants from Syria or Iran, or hotel developers from Taiwan or India, as they are to be from old-money European families.

And while it’s impossible to broad-brush these groups because all real estate players (regardless of where they’re from) make business decisions that lead them in different directions on a daily basis, there are still some discernible fiefdoms.

This month, The Real Deal looked at some of the groups (whether linked by their heritage or by some other factor) that share a common thread when it comes to going after the same kinds of properties. [more]