Building supers take on more tasks

February 28, 2011 12:44PM

Building superintendants are getting a makeover, as a new breed of supers, sometimes called “resident managers,” are showing how the job has changed over the years, the New York Times reported. “The role of the superintendent has evolved,” said Dan Wurtzel, the president of Cooper Square Realty, which manages the condominiums at the Plaza and other buildings. “It used to be considered a blue-collar job, a fix-it person, but now if I was given the choice between hiring the best mechanic out there who had no people skills, versus someone with exceptional communication and customer service skills for a luxury building, I would choose the latter every time.” In large new buildings, the supers often oversee dozens of staff members, supervise complex infrastructure and concentrate on customer service. In smaller condos many still pull on coveralls and answer to “super,” but they are taking on many of the jobs once reserved for doormen or concierges. Take Gregory Capizzi, the superintendant of 20 Pine Street, a 409-unit condo. Capizzi oversees a staff of 20, including three handymen, six porters, four doormen and four concierges. “I wear a suit every day,” he said. “But I’m not afraid to put on a sweatshirt and get dirty. I don’t run the building like a dictator.” [NYT]