Court OKs access to UES hoarder’s home

March 17, 2011 02:50PM

City officials were finally allowed to enter a townhouse at 312 East 86th Street by court order to make sure the building would be steady during construction for the Second Avenue Subway. The property has been of particular interest to local residents because of the peculiar habits of Phyllis Battista, the longtime owner, according to DNAinfo.

Upon entering the building, police were inundated with junk Battista hoarded over the years, and were unable to conduct their inspection because of all stuff in the way. Her front porch even spills over with trash that couldn’t fit in what little room remains inside her home.

Neighbors have seen Battista sparingly since the winter, and only when she’s sweeping the sidewalk, yelling at pedestrians, and dumping trash near local storefronts, DNAinfo reports. She’s enraged her neighbors over the years, allegedly causing floods in a Japanese restaurant next door, and attracting rats to the area. Battista also owes more than $60,000 in backtaxes. [DNAinfo]