Men more confident in their homes’ value

March 23, 2011 12:12PM

Apparently, the over-confident man is also a homeowner. Fifty-nine percent of male homeowners believe their home is worth more than what they borrowed to buy it, compared to just 47 percent of their female counterparts, according to a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports. Men also outpace the national average, as just 53 percent of homeowners across the nation believe their home is worth more than they owe. Of the remaining 47 percent, 31 percent say they are underwater on their mortgages and the rest were unsure.

That paints a bleaker picture than a report earlier this month that suggested 23.1 percent of homeowners were underwater borrowers. Nevertheless, 84 percent of homeowners said they are unlikely to be late for, or skip, mortgage payments.

The survey polled 720 homeowners on a number of issues, and found the expected class dichotomies to hold steady, including staunch opposition to government assistance for troubled homeowners among those earning at least $75,000. TRD