Shake Shack comes to Battery Park City, what New York’s small apartments reveal about its residents … and more

April 04, 2011 05:15PM

1. Interior designer Nate Berkus bought a $3.35M, 3,000-square-foot West Village duplex [Observer]
2. Shake Schack will open in Battery Park City, near North End Avenue, in May

3. Post columnist Steve Cuozzo rips into the city’s latest plan for Times Square

4. Famous New Yorkers recall the shabby apartments they once called home
[NY Mag]

5. For the eighth time, the Nolitan hotel has pushed back its opening — this time to May 11

6. Would you live in a home where a murder took place?

7. Clinton Park in Hell’s Kitchen gets Mercedes dealership on the bottom floor and a matching building name

8. The Department of Planning wants to change zoning laws to make them more applicable to 21st century issues

9. Sbarro files for Chapter 11, but will continue to operate normally

10. What do New York’s close-quartered apartments reveal about its residents?
[NY Mag]

11. The $48M sale of a 12th-floor unit in The Plaza is complete

12. The city’s most extreme homes
[NY Mag]

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