A Sing Sing condo conversion?

April 06, 2011 02:24PM

Sing Sing

Historic condominium conversion opportunity, less than an hour from Manhattan. Sweeping, Hudson River views. Countless household names once slept here. Interested? Tell that to Westchester Assemblywoman Sandra Galef and state Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, who are lobbying to turn Sing Sing, the state’s famed, maximum-security prison in Ossining, into pricey condos. The riverfront facility could be worth millions upon millions if the state sold it to a developer, Galef and Oppenheimer say, and Galef is sure her constituents wouldn’t miss it, either. The facility is currently home to some 1,700 inmates, and in its 186-year history has housed the likes of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed there, and other notorious felons like Albert Fish, Lucky Luciano and Willie Sutton. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already proposed closing prisons in an attempt to balance the budget, but so far, mostly low- and medium-security facilities have been on the chopping block. [Post] 

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