Overcrowded Port Authority Bus Terminal desires additional space

April 19, 2011 09:47AM

Gates at the Port Authority Bus Terminal are getting so crowded that after dropping off passengers, many NJ Transit buses return empty to New Jersey to park for the day, causing unnecessary congestion and higher costs, according to the Wall Street Journal. Each day, about 6,000 buses carry nearly 225,000 passengers back and forth from New York to New Jersey and the current facility isn’t vast enough to allow for smooth operation of the buses, according to Stephen Napolitano, general manager of the Lincoln Tunnel and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. That’s one reason the Port Authority is eager to strike a deal with Vornado Realty Trust, which has held on-again-off-again talks for much of the last decade to build a tower above the bus terminal that would yield $250 million to add gates and improve operations. The Journal said that an even better option may be to build a new garage in Manhattan where buses can park instead of making empty trips back to New Jersey, but that would require local politicians allocating $1 billion for the project. [WSJ]

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