Zipcar takes space in Zazza Williamsburg

May 12, 2011 02:10PM

Ryan Condren and Zazza Residential

Zipcar has signed a lease to take 2,000 square feet of space in the 50-space parking garage attached to the Zazza Residential condo-turned-rental building in Williamsburg. CPEX Real Estate Service, acting on behalf of the Zazza Group that developed the building, reached out to Zipcar to lease the space. The firm would not disclose the terms of the deal, and wasn’t certain how many cars Zipcar could, or would, keep in the garage. Ryan Condren, the managing director who brokered the lease, said Zipcar was interested in the space at 424 Bedford Avenue because it is an ideal location for their business. “It’s central to Williamsburg’s densest residential areas and is easily accessible from the train,” he said. Condren added that it’s not uncommon for Zipcar to be a sought after tenant for residential developers — as it already exists in several residential buildings throughout Brooklyn, including the State Renaissance Court at 200 Schermerhorn Street and One Brooklyn Bridge Park, according to the Zipcar website — and that Zipcar expects to sign many more similar leases throughout the city. Zipcar probably won’t offer any discount to residents of the building, according to Condren, because it feels it “can just as easily get customers two blocks away.” Calls seeking comment from Zipcar were not returned. TRD