Sleepy Hollow under fire for $800 million real estate development

May 26, 2011 04:38PM

The village of Tarrytown in Westchester has filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court against nearby village Sleepy Hollow and landowner General Motors relating to Lighthouse Landing, an $800 million real estate development by Roseland Properties planned for an abandoned GM auto plant.

Tarrytown alleges that the development will infringe upon its downtown business district along Route 9, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Lighthouse Landing will create traffic, parking and pedestrian safety issues for the area that Sleepy Hollow has been ignoring,” said Tarrytown’s lawyer Steven Silverberg. “If they aren’t paying attention to our concerns, we have a right to go to court and make them pay attention.”

Sleepy Hollow Mayor Kenneth Wray says the development, and other construction projects slated to begin at the Hudson River front, are good for the area, including Tarrytown. “We’ve listened to their concerns,” he told the Journal, “but the fact that they don’t like the response is their problem.”

Wray says he expects the Sleepy Hollow’s board to approve 1,200 residential units and 125,000 square feet of commercial space at the site in June. [WSJ]