NYC’s major rezonings in 2010

June 01, 2011 12:47PM

Hudson Yards site

From the 2011 Data Book: Rezoning activity was relatively light in New York City in 2010 (see chart below) compared to the years of the real estate
boom earlier in the decade, when many community activists clamored to have their blocks “downzoned” to hold
off encroaching development. Gone too were major new
initiatives from the Bloomberg administration, which has
rezoned about one quarter of the city since 2002. Pundits say
to expect a revived land-use and development agenda from the
third-term Bloomberg in 2011. See a summary of the city’s major rezonings below and click the link at the top of the page, or here, to purchase a copy of the 2011 Data Book. TRD

Data Book 2011: Major rezonings