Closing prices at 2280 FDB are tops in Harlem

June 15, 2011 06:09PM

From left: 2280 FDB, Parc Standard and 5th on the Park

The top Harlem condominium developments command more than $715 per square foot in closed sales since June 2010, according to a report released today by Halstead Property Development Marketing, and the building at 2280 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, called 2280 FDB, ranked first in the entire neighborhood with an average closing price of $736 per square foot. The 12-story, 89-unit condo between 122nd and 123rd streets was developed by Harlem-based RGS Holdings and is marketed by Halstead. Twenty-eight units in the building sold during the 18-month time frame ending this month, and 56 have sold overall, according to Halstead. The homes range from 455-square-foot studios to 1,625-square-foot three-bedroom apartments. The study encompassed 25 other developments and found the Parc Standard at 2101 Eight Avenue and 5th on the Park at 1485 Fifth Avenue ranked second and third in closing prices, respectively, averaging $720 and $719 per square foot. Phoenix Realty Group developed 5th on the Park, which is also marketed by Halstead, and the Parc Standard was developed by Spyglass Development and is marketed by City Connections. — Adam Fusfeld